About The Hydrogen Mini Grid System

The Hydrogen Mini Grid System (Hoofmark) is an innovative demonstration project designed to showcase the latest hydrogen technology and to push the boundaries of current thinking. The Hoofmark utilises free wind energy to generate electricity from an onsite 225kW wind turbine. It is estimated that the wind turbine will generate in excess of 500MWh a year - more than enough to provide electrical power to the EETC building.

Excess electricity from the wind turbine will be used to generate hydrogen through electrolysis. This hydrogen will be pressurised from 30bar to 200bar and stored on site for later use, either as a transport fuel or to provide electricity, through a fuel cell, during periods of low wind speed.

Uniquely, the Hoofmark is configured to enable electricity, from both the wind turbine and the hydrogen fuel cell, to be supplied directly to the local distribution network.

PDF Downloads
Hoofmark Overview PDF data sheet
Hydrogen Generation - Hoofmark fact sheet PDF data sheet