Hydrogen Mini Grid System Technology

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Compressor/Refueller Electrolyser Storage Fuel Cell Wind Turbine

Technical Data for Download

It is the intention of the Hoofmark team and Sussex Forward to make as much data as possible from the operating Hoofmark freely available to academics and research institutions investigating the potential use of hydrogen and the implementation of a Hydrogen Economy. This data will be made available, free of charge, to registered users of the Hoofmark website from January 2014. At the moment this data will include:

1) Wind speed
2) Green electricity generated by the wind turbine
3) Rate of hydrogen generation
4) Pressure in hydrogen store
5) Rate of hydrogen dispensed
6) Green electricity generated by the fuel cell
7) Hoofmark electricity load

If you would like any further data streams to be added to this or would like to become a registered user please contact the Hoofmark team by email .