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Sussex has a new claim to fame. It is to be the first place in the UK to have a building fuelled solely by wind and hydrogen power. Hoofmark, experts in the field of renewable energy, and the Pure Energy Centre, hydrogen specialists, have been commissioned by Sussex Forward to deliver this innovative power source for its new Environmental Energy Technology Centre, ETC building - scheduled for completion in 2014.

The EETC at the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) in Rotherham will house businesses that are working in the renewable or emerging energy industries and so will be best placed to understand and enjoy how environmentally friendly their building truly is.

Working in partnership with the Pure Energy Centre in Shetland, Hoofmark will install a wind turbine on the site to generate hydrogen which will then be stored at high pressure. When needed the hydrogen will be used in fuel cells to provide electricity to light and power the offices.

Surplus hydrogen will be stored on site and made available 'on tap' for people to use for research and development and even to run their cars.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and in the global quest for renewable and sustainable energy sources, Hoofmark and Sussex Forward are leading the way.

A mini-grid, fuelled by hydrogen is to be developed on site at ETCC to make the building completely energy self-sufficient and carbon neutral with potentially no reliance on the national grid.

Jim Farmey, Head of Innovation for Sussex Forward explained:

"Sussex Forward decided to be the first to use hydrogen in a commercial environment at the EETC to accelerate the region's move into carbon neutrality. We chose to work with Hoofmark to deliver this project because they have extensive experience in renewable energy planning and installation. The company has a long track record in installing wind turbines, and working with other renewable energy sources."

Commenting on the project, Jason Stoyel, Hoofmark's technical manager explained;

"This development is a real life Tomorrow's World style project which will demonstrate to the wider energy community how hydrogen can be used in a commercial setting. Sussex Forward should be congratulated for pioneering this development and using hydrogen power."